Cable ERP and Cable Design Software for Wire & Cable Industry


Zusammen mit ihrem Partner Cimteq gibt InnoVites B.V. die Veröffentlichung der CableSuite auf der Wire Düsseldorf 2016 bekannt. CableSuite ist die vollständige und komplett integrierte Unternehmenssoftware-Lösung, die sämtliche Geschäftsbereiche von Kabelherstellern und –händlern unterstützt.
Together with its partner Cimteq, InnoVites B.V. announces the release of CableSuite at Wire Düsseldorf 2016 (4-8 April). CableSuite is the most complete and fully integrated enterprise software solution that supports all business functions of cable manufacturers and distributors.
Albert Groothedde, CEO InnoVites, will discuss how Enterprise Software can contribute to the performance and profit of wire & cable manufacturers.
InnoVites B.V. announces that Polycab, the leading cable manufacturer of India, successfully implemented CableBuilder in their operations. Polycab uses CableBuilder to streamline their engineering & product designing processes. The objectives of the implementation project were completely achieved. CableBuilder allows Polycab to create designs faster, with less effort, while eliminating human errors.
InnoVites B.V. announces that Hitachi Cable America Inc. (HCA), Performance Cable Systems and Materials Division has selected CableBuilder as their next generation engineering solution. HCA decided to migrate their product data into the modern and powerful cable design software CableBuilder. With CableBuilder the product data will be more efficient to access and maintain.
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  • 1. InnoVites captures complete cable business requirements

    Improving your competitive advantage by meeting your cable business requirements better and faster

  • 2. Length-based optimization of supply chain

    Reducing working capital and material losses by optimizing length in logistics and production

  • 3. InnoVites integrates best- of-breed industry solutions

    Reducing working capital and material losses by optimizing for length in logistics and production

  • 4. InnoVites reduces risk of NF metal price volatility

    Reducing risk of price volatility with the comprehensive non-ferrous metals module

  • 5. InnoVites eats cables for breakfast!

    The InnoVites team is passionate about creating software solutions for the Wire & Cable industry