Increasing international competition puts margins in the Wire and Cable industry under pressure. Details determine the competitive position of your company.  Financial performance is always a challenge in your industry with large amounts of capital absorbed in the conducting raw materials: copper, aluminum or optical fibers. 

The business performance in the Wire and Cable industry depends a lot on the stock turn rate. It’s the speed at which this working capital travels through the warehouse and factory. This requires a perfect synchronization of the supply chain: from cathode to cable. 

InnoVites' industry-specific Cable ERP and Cable Design solutions enable Wire and Cable companies to excel. We provide easy to use IT solutions that help your company to become easier to do business with.

5 Benefits for Your Business

  • 1. InnoVites captures complete cable requirements

    Improving your competitive advantage by meeting your cable specific business requirements

  • 2. Length-based optimization of supply chain

    Reducing working capital and material losses by optimizing lengths in logistics and production

  • 3. InnoVites integrates best- of-breed industry solutions

    Innovites brings together the best solutions for cable design, cable manufacturing and cable distribution

  • 4. InnoVites reduces risk of NF metal price volatility

    Reducing risk of price volatility with the comprehensive non-ferrous metals module

  • 5. InnoVites eats cables for breakfast!

    The InnoVites team is passionate about creating the best software solutions for the Wire and Cable industry

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InnoVites showcased at InterWire, Atlanta, US, April 2015

For the fourth time in a row InnoVites presented its products on the InterWire show in Atlanta, the biggest cable manufacturing trade show in the Americas.

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